Geschreven door: Jim

Oktober café: Postpunk / new wave.

14 okt: Broke, Noblesse & Where Siberia Ended in Skatepark Haarlem


Broke Band logo

Bio: The music of broke is not that easy to describe. It’s somewhere inbetween the dark New Wave from the 80’s and the sparkling postpunk of today.


Noblesse Band logo

Bio: A trio of gentlemen residing in the Hague, the Netherlands who create and perform rock music of the alternative kind. Influences are such bands as Nirvana, Sonic Youth and Massive Attack. Frontman Amos Ben-Tal’s distinctive voice often draws parallels to brian molko of placebo. Combined with hypnotizing lyrics, Noblesse creates a sound that is brooding, explosive and slick at the same time.

Where Sibseria Ended

Where Siberia Ended Band logo

Bio: Where Siberia Ended defines the joint between post-punk, alternative rock and grunge. The Delft-based band sculped their own distinctive sound, while being inspired by bands like Pearl Jam, Joy Division and Editors. Their music is not only a sincere response to troubles in anxious times, it's also about making choices and struggles in life.